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Domestic Violence

Shared Healing: Women Only Group Therapy

Every year, countless women across the globe, regardless of their age, ethnicity, and cultural backgrounds, fall victim to domestic violence. Domestic violence is a dark reality that leaves its survivors mentally scarred and emotionally exhausted. It’s a unique form of torment that instills a sense of fear, helplessness, and isolation, often making women feel like they are alone in their struggle. As a survivor, you may face difficulty navigating daily life, building relationships, or merely existing without the shadow of past trauma haunting you.

Domestic Violence On Women - The Impact

The burden of domestic violence is heavy – a weight that leaves a profound imprint on your mental health and wellbeing. Memories and trauma may creep into your everyday life, disrupting your peace, clouding your thoughts, and leaving you feeling trapped in a cycle of anxiety, guilt, and fear. It’s like a tempest in your mind, relentless and overwhelming, making it hard to see a way out.


Providing a safe, confidential space for sharing experiences

Controlling Behavior

Healing and recovery with proven therapeutic methods


Creating a supportive community of shared healing

Navigating Trauma And Building Resilience

Society’s lack of understanding may make matters worse. Misconceptions about domestic violence often mean the emotional anguish you’re going through remains unseen and unacknowledged, leaving you feeling unheard and invalidated. You may even feel compelled to hide your struggle, further reinforcing the isolation and the belief that you are alone in this.

At Rapid Action Health, we understand. You are never alone.

Our women-only group therapy for domestic violence survivors offers a compassionate, empathetic environment for healing and recovery. We welcome women from all walks of life, of every ethnicity, and from different cultural backgrounds because we understand that domestic violence knows no boundaries.

This therapy group provides a safe, supportive space where you can share your experiences, thoughts, and fears without judgment. It’s a place where you can connect with others who have walked a similar path, who can understand your struggles and resonate with your feelings.

Under the guidance of experienced therapists specializing in trauma and recovery, our group therapy sessions offer a multi-faceted approach to healing. Incorporating evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), we aim to help you navigate your trauma, build resilience, and guide you on your path to recovery.

Furthermore, our therapy sessions celebrate diversity, understanding that each woman’s experience is unique and influenced by her cultural and ethnic background. We respect and honor these differences, tailoring our sessions to ensure everyone feels heard, understood, and supported.

Respect For Cultural And Ethnic Backgrounds

Healing is a journey, and it’s one you don’t have to walk alone. Our Women Only Group Therapy for Domestic Violence Survivors is here to offer hope, support, and a path forward. At Rapid Action Health, we believe in your strength, your resilience, and your ability to reclaim your life after domestic violence. Let us walk with you on your journey to recovery. You are not alone.


Most frequent questions and answers

We place the utmost importance on ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of all participants. Our online sessions are held on a secure, encrypted platform, and we have strict protocols in place to prevent unauthorized access. Each participant is assured that their experiences, shared within the group, will remain confidential. For in-person consultations, we have private spaces designed to ensure a secure and confidential environment.

We understand that not everyone has reliable internet access. To accommodate this, we offer dial-in options for our online sessions. We also record sessions (with the consent of all participants) for later viewing. We aim to make our resources as accessible as possible, so please reach out to our team to discuss your individual situation, and we’ll find a solution that works best for you.

Our group therapy sessions are led by experienced therapists specializing in trauma and recovery. These sessions incorporate a blend of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The structure of sessions can vary, with some focused on guided discussion, others on individual sharing, and some on specific therapeutic activities.

We celebrate and embrace the diversity of the women joining our group therapy sessions. We understand that cultural and linguistic diversity enriches our group dynamics and leads to better support for all. We strive to provide multi-lingual resources and, where possible, have therapists available who can speak other languages or provide translation services.

We understand that the need for support can arise at any time, and we strive to accommodate this. New members are welcome to join our ongoing group therapy sessions at any point. This approach ensures that support is available when you need it most. Our aim is to provide a supportive, welcoming environment from the moment you decide to seek help.